Kaplan PLI workshop

Hello everyone from Kaplan PLI,

Please find the slides to the workshop embedded below, which you can view online.  I’ve left hyperlinks to the web tools we looked at below.  Thanks for welcoming me to your school for tonight’s workshop.  I hope to meet up with all of you at other professional development events. =)Read More »Kaplan PLI workshop

#toscon12 session

On May 5, I finally had the opportunity to lead a full session about Academic Reading Circles face to face to teachers, at the TESL Toronto Spring 2012 Conference (#toscon12) and it was exciting to start the ball rolling.Read More »#toscon12 session

Meeting of the minds

I love all professional development events–a junkie for it, you might call me.  I love it when teachers, instructors, educators, whatever term you are comfortable with calling us, surround each other in support and growth.  The way so many come together to share ideas in individual or groups sessions fills me with an adrenaline high for several days afterwards.  One session, however, I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness or participate in, online or otherwise, is an ultimate meeting of the minds.Read More »Meeting of the minds