TESL North York/York Region

One of the handout activities

Thank you to participants at my workshop Ideas for multilevels at the TESL North York/York Region conference today.  I’ve embedded the slides using Issuu below, so you can browse through them on this site, full screen or download them to your computer. You can also have a clean copy of the handouts by clicking here.  For those who gave me their email addresses to contribute to the collaborative final activity we discussed, check your emails early this week for the Google Doc invite! Have a great weekend!

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This post is SO relevant! It took me time to comment as I needed the time to go over the slideshow carefully. You could devote a blog post to each of the suggestions – there is so much to discuss here. Perhaps we can do a joint one – how same principals work in different settings. I’m so pleased you included volunteers – do you have any?

I’ll be revisting this post for sure!