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Project: Slide design


Project: Promotional image for #SIGtweetmeet

TDAJ Cover

Project: IATEFL TDSIG Teacher Development Academic Journal

IATEFL LTSIG book cover 2020 (front)

Project: IATEFL LTSIG book cover (front) Date: Jan 2020

IATEFL LTSIG book cover 2020 (back)

Project: IATEFL LTSIG book cover (back) Date: Jan 2020


Project: IATEFL Web Conference 2019 Plenary Promo Date: Oct 2019


Project: New One Program, University of Toronto logo Date: 2017

BoS - frontCa

Project: IATEFL Best of SIGS book cover Date: 2018


Project: TESOL Spain 40th Convention logo Date: 2017


Project: IATEFL TDSIG Pre-conference Event post Date: 2018


Project: #tleap anniversary promo Date: 2017


Project: IATEFL TDSIG Web Carnival poster Date: 2019

slide SIGtweetmeet TDAJ Cover IATEFL LTSIG book cover 2020 (front) IATEFL LTSIG book cover 2020 (back) promo8 logoC-medium-nowhite BoS - frontCa tesolspainposter pce2018-poster tleap-5year web-carnival-post-image

I value good design. We need more of it in our educational profession, particularly within ELT. I typically do conference logos and event promotional materials, as well as book covers. See portfolio below. Click on any to see full size. To get in touch for design projects, please email me.

Client: TESL Toronto

  • TOSCON14 logo
  • AGM 2014 poster
  • Technology 4 Teachers logo
  • Employment Event 2015 poster
  • Employment Event 2016 poster
  • Teaching ESL to Survivors of War & Torture Trauma Event poster
  • Market Yourself for Employment poster

Client: IATEFL

  • TDSIG Pre-Conference Event 2016 poster
  • TDSIG Pre-Conference Event 2017 poster
  • TDSIG Pre-Conference Event 2018 poster
  • TDSIG Pre-Conference Event 2019 logo
  • TDSIG Web Carnival 2016 poster
  • TDSIG Web Carnival 2017 poster
  • TDSIG Web Carnival 2018 poster
  • TDSIG Web Carnival 2019 poster
  • TDSIG Teacher Development Academic Journal logo
  • TDSIG Local Event poster
  • LTSIG book cover
  • LTSIG book cover
  • Best of SIGs book cover

Client: University of Toronto programs

  • JLN 427H1S Caribbean Studies Event poster
  • NEW ONE Program visual identity / print
  • IFP020Y1Y Desmond Cole poster
  • NEW316H1F Caribbean Religions Event poster
  • NEW471H1S Breaking Barriers: Social Justice in the Humanities Event poster

Miscellaneous Clients