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Ever since I finished kindergarten, I knew I wanted to teach. In January 1998, it all began in Seoul. Since then, I’ve moved from the classroom to management to a mixture of both. I currently work and reside in Toronto, Canada and do design work for education on the side.


Primary Work

Current professional roles

Talks & freelance work

I have given talks, plenaries, keynotes, and workshops at nearly 100 events since 2009.

For more on talks I’ve given, please go here.

For more on training and consultancy, see here.

Publications outside 4CinELT

Seburn, T. (2023). International perspectives on taboos in foreign language education. In C. Ludwig and T. Summers (Eds.), Taboos and Controversial Issues in Foreign Language Education: Critical Language Pedagogy in Theory, Research and Practice. Routledge.

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MA (with Merit), EdTech and TESOL. University of Manchester, UK
TESL Canada Certificate (Standard 2 Permanent)
TESL Ontario Certificate (lapsed membership)
BA, Philosophy. Western University, Canada


For a full CV, including projects, publication details, and a complete list of all talks given, please visit my LinkedIn profile. 

If you’d like to get in touch by email, please do:

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