#toscon12 session

On May 5, I finally had the opportunity to lead a full session about Academic Reading Circles face to face to teachers, at the TESL Toronto Spring 2012 Conference (#toscon12) and it was exciting to start the ball rolling.I’m sure if you’re reading this you’re aware of my involvement with EAP and one particular project: the design of ARC, which develops on a practical level in my program at (New College) University of Toronto.

Its puzzle pieces (how the roles best fit skill aims, technology choices to use in conjunction, etc.) evolve as I talk about them with more and more teachers (my colleagues -> my blog posts -> VRT -> TOscon12 -> ?). It’s exciting.  If you were at this session, you can view the slides below.

Session slides

If you can’t see the embedded slides, please click here.


I’d recommend reading other ARC-related posts for more elaboration on some key aspects mentioned on the slides.  You can find them in the Resources section of the menu bar.
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It was great! How can I view the slides here?


What a great idea. I’ve given a demo workshop on “traditional” Reading circles (developed by my boss actually). Interesting to see how you adapted them for EAP. Hope you enjoyed the rest of the conference too.


I think slide #10 is my fav! Ha ha!