These posts largely involve my own reflective teaching in some way, shape or form.

MA rumblings and reflection

I am enrolled in the Educational Technology and TESOL MA distance program at the University of Manchester, currently finishing up the first semester of Year 1 of a three-year program. It’s a reputable program, with several of my PLN having done or already doing it. It’s one of the only distance programs rooted in technology.  This is why I chose it. But buried deep into my first assignment, I find myself questioning my choices, motivation and abilities to do this successfully. Hence, I’m compelled to put my thoughts here so I can reflect on them more tangibly.Read More »MA rumblings and reflection

Meeting of the minds

I love all professional development events–a junkie for it, you might call me.  I love it when teachers, instructors, educators, whatever term you are comfortable with calling us, surround each other in support and growth.  The way so many come together to share ideas in individual or groups sessions fills me with an adrenaline high for several days afterwards.  One session, however, I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness or participate in, online or otherwise, is an ultimate meeting of the minds.Read More »Meeting of the minds

11 posts I wish I’d written

Previously, it was all about looking back at my journey this year through my favourite 11 posts, but that journey is much more than just my blog, it’s path is woven through the winding, twisting, infuriating and inspiring blogosphere out there.  This review of 2011 is made up of blog posts that members of my PLN wrote that I wish I’d written, but I didn’t and am eternally jealous.Read More »11 posts I wish I’d written


Last March, I ran my blog through Wordle as an activity suggested by Dave Dodgson.  What resulted was a surprisingly reflective exercise that showed what words dominate my recent posts, whether they were student-centred or not and ultimately the predominant topics I discussed.  Reminded by a Brad Patterson post, I decided to do it again, but this time with my Twitter account.Read More »Tagxedoed

Obsessed with the mess

I was standing outside the building where my office is Thursday morning thinking about various things, as one does, listening to Marina & the Diamonds’ Hollywood, and a revelation occurred to me about celebrity and education and how messed up society’s values can be.Read More »Obsessed with the mess

Turning points in your story

Do your colleagues know much about your language teaching background beyond a list of qualifications and positions of employment? Sharing where you began, your process of growth, and goals for the future can help inspire, foster and contribute to growth in members or your community, not to mention build a connection to individuals where there may have been little before. I hope sharing mine supports one of these.Read More »Turning points in your story