Some one-off activities or full lesson ideas for the ELT classroom

Referring to loved ones who’ve passed

July 11 has a very special meaning for me.  It’s a day with happy memories, but also more recently, nostalgia.  With these feelings comes a curious language moment and more than likely a cousin to one of the PARSNIPs. More broadly, this post perhaps contains a social commentary on an often uncomfortable but common part of life.  How do we talk about and refer to family no longer with us? Let me lead by example.

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Ideas for using graphic novels

I’m a nerd.  It’s true.  Always have been.  Sometimes I’ve just thrown people off with nice clothes and the occasional hippy hairstyle.  Thankfully, nerds have now taken over cool.  And thus, it should come as no surprise that one of my favourite types of media to bring into class every once in a while is graphic novels.Read More »Ideas for using graphic novels

These sentences were not fabricated for a coursebook.

Have you ever written down one of your entire conversations verbatim? Probably not.  Now, when you read the dialogues in coursebooks outloud, do you think they sound like your conversations? Also, probably not.  Something’s off.  Determining the difference can be an interesting exercise, both for students and also instructors.  Read More »These sentences were not fabricated for a coursebook.