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The highlighter role

Yes, I was supposed to present my three-minutes this morning at the #TeachMeet International, but because of technical difficulties in logging in, I decided to go back to bed instead of fooling around with it any longer. I promised to record my presentation on The Highlighter Role of Academic Reading Circles (ARC) in lieu.  Here we are (though I doubt I squished it into 3 minutes).

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7 thoughts on “The highlighter role

  1. Shelly Terrell

    Hi! Tyson!

    What a great recording! I really like the PresentMe format. These are great ideas and activities for students. Thank you for the ideas! Hopefully, I’ll see you live at TESOL France!

    1. seburnt

      Hi! Yes, I absolutely love this format too. The only thing is that I can’t customise the width beyond the two presents (without cutting off part of the video on the right) so it doesn’t quite fit my blog width.

  2. Kevin Stein

    Thanks Tyson.

    I’m implementing a literary reading circle at my school, but watching your video, I realized that the way you’ve created ARC could be really useful for my students studying for their university entrance exams in Japan as well. There is a fairly long essay, usually academic-ish in nature, on each of the exams and I think ARC would provide a really useful structure for tackling these essays. I’ve been reading about how you set up ARC for the past week or so on this site, but it was only after watching the video that the light went on and I could see how to implement it in my other classes.

    As always, thanks for the ideas.


    1. seburnt

      Sometimes it takes a visual to really understand what someone means. =) So do you mean they need to read and understand an academic essay on this entrance exam or write one?

      I did try variants of the ARC, aiming to accomplish both reading and writing goals, but it seemed to be tackling too much for students unprepared at all academic levels.

      Good luck and let me know how it goes!

  3. phil3wade

    Attacking texts!

    I love that phrase. This is brilliant Tyson. It’s definitely something all EAP teachers should be using.

    1. seburnt

      Thanks Phil. And this is just one small part of the ARCs I’ve been raving about of late. =) I love them ever so much!

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