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You have to start somewhere!

While designing our new website (we like to call it our “homesite” instead), we realized that even though we wanted to keep everything as much together as possible on one page, like a newspaper front page or a blog, that we just couldn’t fit it all there.  We’ve had dreams of following the paths of bloggers before us with great lesson plans, usable activities and witty (yet relevant) commentary on our industry; having said this, there was no way to do so on our business website alone without it getting too convoluted.  Thus, we bring to you our homesite extension:  the Coursetree blog.

It might be barren now, but it’s amazing how quickly posts can fill up a blog (we know; we have a couple of other blogs going as well).  Links to new posts will be sent to Tyson’s twitter account and also be mentioned on our homesite.  Sooner or later, if you’re an educator, a director or a teacher trainee in the English language teaching industry, one of our posts will be of interest.  So please, keep checking back or click on the subscription service to have new posts delivered to your email inbox.  We’d love to create a dialogue with you also;  the best way to do so is to reply to our posts.  All your personal information will be kept private unless you choose to share it.

Thanks and we look forward to talking to you and reading what you have to say!

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