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A language teacher’s Xmas wishlist [revisited]

Last year’s Xmas scene at my house

As the end of another term, year, (world?) approaches, it’s natural to consider how things have shaped up compared to last year. It was around this time that I made A language teacher’s Xmas wishlist, an awareness-raising list of concerns that tend to affect us no matter where we teach. But it’s now been a year. Let’s take stock of how things have or have not improved.

Aside: I wish you could see the results right away, but alas, that isn’t an option with Poll Daddy surveys (unlike their awesome polls). Rest assured, I’ll post the results in the new year.

In the end, if you’ve answered that your job situation is about the same or worse than this time last year, maybe it’s because you’re already content with how things are for you, but it’s more likely that dissatisfaction prevails. Sometimes we default to complacency because we’ve gotten used to the conditions, we’re thankful for what we have compared to what others have, or we feel scared of change. This attitude held me back for a while, but eventually I had to jump.

A friend of mine was recently laid off from his school, due only to a supposed seasonal decline in enrolment–an all-too-familiar scenario.

What can be done? Are all factors out of our control? Do we have a modicum of control that we’re not exercising?

Can we demand 2013 be a year of improvement? I wish you all a prosperous year!

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