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Understanding MS Word Styles (and more!)

As teachers, Microsoft Word can be our best friend or our frustrating coworker.  Our friends at Wordtree Consulting have an upcoming workshop at Camaraderie that will definitely give all of us a so-needed boost in our Microsoft Word skills.  Sue is an experienced teacher herself, consultant for writing projects and trainer of Office suite (not to mention an all-around great person).  If you live in the Toronto-area, please check it out and click on the link below to register!  We’ll be there too, so you can learn from her and talk to us all in one night!

Frustrated by how long it takes to set up tests and quizzes?
Avoiding the creation of new material because of formatting issues?

Learn how to set up tabs and styles properly to get more time for yourself!

Sue normally charged double PER HOUR for training so this is great value. Only seven spots.

Sign up here before she starts promoting this!

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