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The #tesl365 project starts!

#tesl365 - week 1
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Since it’s one week after I challenged everyone to participate in the #tesl365 project of inspiration, I thought I’d attempt to inspire you myself.  It’s not difficult to think of people who inspire me to be a better teacher.  They are all around me–current and former coworkers, educators on Twitter (many of my favourites in my growing PLN), childhood teachers, even friends that I grew up with and now are in education themselves.  I’ve started off the project with people from my life and though there are many more I can choose from, I hope to inspire you to get involved!  So let’s take a look at this week:

January 4 – Wendy Wells
One amazing teacher, colleague and friend, Wendy Wells’ dedication to her students is only matched by her dedication to her running.  Often staying at the school well into the evening, she takes her classes and time spent with students very thoughtfully.  She inspires me to continue my professional growth so that I can continue to inspire hers.

January 5 – Shelly Terrell (click)
@ShellTerrell inspires me. This woman does everything: blogger, an #ELTchat moderator, tweeter, webinar host, presenter, teacher, the Consultants-e, conference organiser, and a whole bunch more energetic TESL projects. When I feel a bit overwhelmed by all I’m involved in, I think hey, Shelly does it too, with a smile.

January 6 – Margaret Hurley (click)
Margaret is a Business ESL freelance teacher, currently at Cornerstone Academic College in Toronto with whom I worked her for several years. She has an innate talent for reaching her Business students and inspiring investment into their language studies but also their understanding of business concepts. On top of that, she’s a great friend with excellent taste in movies.

January 7 – Tania Iveson (click)
A CELTA trainer, assessor and @EnglishCentral colleague, Tania Iveson is a great friend. Aside from consistently causing me to laugh hysterically and being an invaluable conversationalist, her thorough knowledge and clearly articulated opinions on best practices truly keep me on my toes, for which I’m very grateful!

And there we have #tesl365 project:  week 1!  Remember, it’s not all about me showing love for my inspirations, it’s about our community supporting and uplifting our community. I look forward to adding your inspirations to the #tesl365 Shuttercal!

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