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#tesl365 now OPEN for all!

The #tesl365 project of inspiration has given me a real opportunity to recognise whom I immediately knew inspires me and  those whom I realised do only after some thought.  Like me, you may think that there are only a few, but inspiration comes in varying amounts from many sources. When this project first came to me, the aim was to encourage the TESL community in Canada and worldwide to support each other.  Shuttercal, as a platform for giving props, seemed ideal because with its calendar view, the project can be rewarded with an awesome visual impact.

But there’s been a downside that wasn’t accounted for initially:  the extra steps it takes to be involved if you’re not me.  Anyone wishing to contribute a photo and description of someone who inspires them would have to do so by emailing everything to me first.  Sure, part of the project is encouraging all of you to use your blogs as platforms too, but there’s something disjointed about that too.

So here is my solution. I’m going to open up the Shuttercal #tesl365 account to everyone.  If you want to contribute a show some love for a teacher, DoS, adminitrator, student or colleague, please do so by logging into the #tesl365 account, finding an open day and uploading a photo and description.  If you do, please tweet it and/or blog it using the #tesl365 tag so we can all be inspired too.  I’m taking a leap of faith here, so hopefully it won’t be abused.

#tesl365 project of inspiration login
username:  tesl365
password: inspire

Please do not attempt to edit information already on the project.  Be respectful and keep let the project do what it’s meant to do.  Thank you!

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