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Modifying direct quotes using ellipses and brackets

In our last post, we shared a presentation (and a pretty snazzy one if we do say so) to facilitate your lessons on avoiding plagiarism by directly quoting, paraphrasing and summarising.

This time, we’d like you to try out or next presentation, building on the lesson from the last:  modifying a direct quote using ellipses and brackets.  Again, we’ve tried it out ourselves with success and feel that the content and method by which we demonstrate usage of both will really help your EAP students come away with a strong understanding.

This file was designed for Microsoft Powerpoint 2010 (but will open with version 2007).  Ensure you view the presentation in slideshow mode so that you can see the animations, which are used as meaningful content, as well as the slides and notes pages.

Modifying a Direct Quote  – PPTX 2010 presentation

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George Might

Thanks. Your presentations are great.

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