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Interrogate me

Remember Balderdash?  That game we played as kids with the lies?  Our truth or lies getting-to-know-you student activity reminds me of it.  I often don’t do it anymore because… of its popularity among language classrooms–surely all students have done it before and I’ll be met with rolling eyes and scoffing.  That’s probably in my imagination.  Still, the language benefits are obvious, but are those that we ask students to do really authentic?

Dave Dodgson invited others to play it with each other through a video post.  I thought about it and decided it might be a great experiment to see what language we really do use with each other when trying to suss out the truth from the lies.  So here we go.


Wanna play? Interrogate me.

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Oh boy! I know 2 of the truths, unless the one is only a 1/2 truth. So…my questions:

1. How many flights have you taken in your lifetime? What is your routine before a flight?

5. When did you finally embrace technology?

Interrogate me – a truth or lies #PLN game, led by @DaveDodgson #ELTgames


Why were you a Luddite for so long? What made you embrace the change?

Sandy Millin

I think the lies are flying and gymnastics. How many competitions did you take part in? di you ever win any medals? What ki d of gymnastics did you specialise in?


Great, Tyson! My guesses are #1 and #3 – it’s that twitch…
Have you seen mine?


OK, I concur with Chiew; numbers 1 and 3 are lies. Just to double-check, though, tell me more about Australia. What company did you work for? How did you get the job?

Vicky Loras

Hi Tyson!

My guesses are #1 and #3 : one because you insist too much that you like flying, which makes me think you don’t ; ) Three because you smile kinda weird, like my dad when he wants to play a joke on me : ) Oh yeah, I know that half-smile all too well from dad! Ha ha!

(Random thoughts: I love your background with the window behind – and I wanna give ya a big hug every time I see you in a video, buddy!)

Ciao for now,

Cecilia Lemos

Hi Ty!

I think the whole thing is about slipping a lie into something that is true… I know you love traveling, but also believe that, like me, you don’t like flying. So my first guess is that #1 is a lie.

I can sooo see you having a cookie swap party (need to get more details, I think this is something I’d love doing. I usually go caroling around the school (classes are done by then)and those who stand my singing get some Christmas cookies :-)), so I think #4 is true.

#3 Sounds too elaborate to be a lie… So I’ll go for #5. I think you have always been a tech geek 😉

How right am I??? Do I read you well?

Three ppl have chosen #1 & #3 as lies. They’re wrong, of course: one of them is true. I’ll reveal today.


Hi Tyson and thanks for entering!

Like the others, I’m not sure about no. 1. I don’t think you have any fear of flying, otherwise Korea would have been a flight too far. However, my guess would be that you find flying a bore.

I’m not sure about the cookie swap or the gymnastics…

How long have you been running the cookie swap? What kind of cookies are your speciality?

And what was your specialist discipline in gymnastics?

I would also assume that you would have photographic evidence of both of those facts if they were true but I won’t ask you to provide it as that would make the game too easy!


Yes, I’m not convinced you love flying at all. I’m also wondering about the executive secretary as assistant came up on screen but I suppose they are kind of the same thing. Love the cookie swap thing – hope that’s not a lie! I’ll go for gymnastics as the second lie.


Well, I don’t see the answer anywhere, so I must still be able to guess. If one of 1 & 3 is wrong, then you must hate flying and never have been a Luddite. I do recall you talking about work in Australia once, but can’t remember the details, arg. I wonder if I would have guessed more easily if I’d been able to interrogate you in person?

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