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Last chance for Part A!

Thank you

A big thanks go out to all 81 participants in part A of “What’s the Word: a Coursetree research project”!  Your spelling choices have not only shown consistency but also inconsistency!  We’ll be compiling the results and producing a report for everyone to see after the entire project is complete.  We’ve also gained a great number of suggestions for how to make the succeeding parts more valid.  Thanks you!  But first, there’s still time to participate in this first part if you’d like as it will officially close on October 1, 2010.

Part B, which focuses on word choice, will go online on October 1 as well and a dedicated email to those signed up to the mailing list will go out.  Please look for it (hopefully not in your junk folders), participate and spread the word so we can get even more responses!

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