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Keep in the PD know!

Do you want to know about our PD opportunities in Ontario?  Subscribe to our new COURSETREEMAILLIST and you will!

Ongoing growth as a teacher is an essential part of the development of your craft and though nothing can replace experience in the classroom, learning from the experience and expertise of others always helps.  That’s what conferences are supposed to do, right?  If you’re like us though, the expense can be too much and the frequency can be too little.

Sign up for our brand-new email list and we’ll send you updates about our upcoming workshops and events (all WH-questions answered)!  We promise not to share your information with anyone and definitely won’t spam your inbox more than once (or maybe twice at most) a month.  We just want to be able to let you know what’s happening and what opportunities we have for you in the PD department.  Plus, you can unsubscribe if it ever gets too much for you!

You can join our Coursetreemail List at any time, either by clicking on the link in this post and filling out the form or by finding the same sign-up button on our homesite.


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