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The new ELT job board

I’ve had to place a few jobs ads here and there looking for teachers and in doing so, I realised there are few options beyond local organisations and the bigger more generic job sites like Workopolis and Monster.  Three problems tended to occur:  1) Some are unreasonably expensive. 2) Some get no hits. 3) Some keep the ads online longer than I want, so candidates keep applying even after the position has been filled. I’d already begun using the #eltjobs hashtag on Twitter to talk about employment issues in our industry, so it came to me: open an affordable, Canadian-focused job board with flexible durations.

I’d like to introduce the new job board for all employers seeking Canadian ELT professionals! comes to the Canadian job seekers market as an answer to English Language Teaching (ELT) employers and employees searching for options to connect.  Few alternatives exist where employers can find qualified Canadian teachers, coordinators and directors for our field. strives to give these options, both in terms of advertisement price and duration. gives Canadian ELT professionals a central place to browse through job postings both in Canada and abroad, as well as continuously growing resources and advice regarding resumes & cover letters, the interview process and building your ELT profile. gives both Canadian and International employers an affordable, aesthetic and effective forum to place their job postings for Canadians to see. Which employers is this ideal for?

  • International schools in any country seeking qualified Canadian teachers
  • Canadian school boards
  • Canadian provincial TESL organisations
  • Citizenship and Immigration Canada-funded program centres
  • Canadian colleges & universities
  • Canadian-based private language schools is different from the few other job boards because
  • it is affordable compared to others and flexible with several job ad durations.
  • all job advertisements are categorized by eltjobs by province (e.g. “Ontario”, etc.) or “International”, making them easily sought out by relevant applicants.
  • all job advertisements are tagged by eltjobs by program type (e.g. “EAP”, “General ESL”, etc.), and city location (e.g. “Toronto”, “Istanbul”, etc.) ideal for finding truly interested applicants.
  • eltjobs and 4C have experience in effective social media use for marketing, community and connection building in the ELT industry.
  • eltjobs and 4C are dedicated to providing support and resources to ELT professionals worldwide, while still being focused on Canada.

 What is affordable?  What is flexible?

The SPECIAL introductory price in red runs for all job ads placed until September 30, 2012!  Payments are made securely through PayPal.  If an employer doesn’t have a PayPal account, no problem!  Only a credit card to process the order.

Friends & PLN, if you are an employer looking for Canadian employees, or if you know someone who is, please suggest placing an ad on!  I will do my utmost to make the job hunting experience as easy and community-oriented as possible. Once an ad is posted, I will work hard to get the word out.  

Thank you!

PS – It’s 363 days since 4C launched.

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Congrats on your one year! I love your site so I’m sure will be just as great. When Mellyn starts looking we’ll be sure to come here!

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