Ever since I finished kindergarten, I knew I wanted to teach. In January 1998, it all began in Seoul. Since then, I’ve moved from the classroom to management to a mixture of both. I currently work and reside in Toronto, Canada and do design work for education on the side.

Main interests

  • public spaces for exploring teacher identity and development
  • critical and inclusive pedagogies
  • concision

Current professional roles

Talks and workshops

I typically centre my talks around critical/intensive reading, academic writing, teacher identity, and most recently, social inclusivity issues.

Recent/Upcoming talks

8th ELT Malta Conference 2019, Attard MALTA, 18-19 October2019
This talk will make you gay (or your materials anyway)
This is an updated version of a talk given at IATEFL 2019.

Past talks

You can watch segments of a few talks I’ve given online on my Youtube playlist or you can cycle through them below.


Aside from nearly 200 posts on this site, here’s a bibliography of other publications.

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Master of Arts (with Merit), Educational Technology and TESOL. University of Manchester, UK
TESL Canada Certificate (Standard 2 Permanent)
TESL Ontario Certificate (lapsed membership)
Bachelor of Arts, Philosophy. Western University

For a full CV, including projects, publication details, and a complete list of all talks given, please visit my LinkedIn profile. linkedin-logo

If you’d like to get in touch by email, please do: tyson.seburn@utoronto.ca

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