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“the student” – a projeqt

Once upon a time I was a a teacher at a private language school in Toronto and it was at this school, in my first class there, that I met Nao, a student who would inspire me to learn more to teach more to improve me to inspire more. As part of the second of the #30goals, I present a visual projeqt about him and me.

To navigate through this tool I’ve embedded,  (I’ve had issues with this beginning on the embed)  you may wish to go full-screen.  After that, just explore the projeqt about Nao (you can go left, right, up and down) at will and hopefully you’ll be inspired in more ways than one. It’s pretty intuitive after the first couple clicks.

So, were you inspired?

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4 thoughts on ““the student” – a projeqt

  1. Miguel Mendoza

    Interesting way to show how a student has inspired you as a teacher and also in some personal interests like music. Wonderful songs…really talented you guys…Old Drunkard and Not a Love Song sound really, really nice! BTW, I had to click on full screen to be able to see Project better…Fantastic tool!…Oh and Wilco IS a great band:)!

    1. seburnt

      Thanks, Miguel. Introducing a webtool that others might like is a gravy. =) I do really like Wilco and definitely they’ve had an effect on Nao’s songwriting.

      As for the viewability of this projeqt, yes, I agree that going full-screen is best. I suggested that. Cheers!

  2. Cecilia Lemos

    Great to read your inspirational story, Ty. It’s funny how certain students just have a deeper impact/effect on us – and the other way around as well.

    It’s not unusual to be able to reach and motivate a student through a personal interest we pick up on (though I’m afraid not all teachers keep their eyes open to that), but when that interest is one we share with the student it makes it even more enjoyable and gratifying 🙂

    I always knew you were into music, but never knew you had a talent for it! I enjoyed learning about it – as well as the tool. Very cool, hope to have some time to learn how to use it.


    1. seburnt

      I’m ashamed to admit that though I’ve written many songs (more poetry than melody), I’ve only ever recorded 4 with Nao. Largely that’s due to my lack of instrument talent (I can play piano, but it’s not the right instrument for my music) and mixing programs experience. Someday…

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