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Mental health is health.

Good morning, everyone.

Mental health is as important as physical health. In fact, are they really different things? They are our health. A perceived difference should not cause one to be seen as a weakness and the other a fighting spirit of strength. One shouldn’t result in isolation and the other in medical treatment. This is a ridiculous and unproductive social approach.

I’ve learned to manage my situational panic, even though it still sucks to experience it. I’ve acknowledged that my work addiction isn’t solely a choice to become accomplished, but a mental state solidified through many factors over time, which has led to unhappiness, constant exhaustion, and being at the verge of breakdown. Everything impacts everything, both mental and physical. We are not weak. We are not fragile. We are who we are and we try to manage what we manage.

Never ridicule. Be supportive when people in your lives express how they feel. It’s not about being too sensitive. It’s about being sensitive enough.

Also, for anyone who needs to hear this: it’s never helpful to say “Be a man.” Save your breath. You may think this means something strong, but it really just means you’ve let yourself be controlled into believing some fictional combination of characteristics it means to be a man. That’s actually weak.

Thank you for reading. I hope you have a good day.

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Alastair Grant

Thank you Tyson. It’s something that people, like me, are only just beginning to appreciate.

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