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“Only to” from Corpus

Once in a while, I come across a sentence (from an article, a textbook or even my own mouth) that includes a structure that gives me pause. I look at it, wondering if I’ve ever taught it before, if it appears in any textbook units I’ve taught from.  I don’t always notice them as they slip by me, but today, I did.  It’s only to.

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MA rumblings and reflection

I am enrolled in the Educational Technology and TESOL MA distance program at the University of Manchester, currently finishing up the first semester of Year 1 of a three-year program. It’s a reputable program, with several of my PLN having done or already doing it. It’s one of the only distance programs rooted in technology.  This is why I chose it. But buried deep into my first assignment, I find myself questioning my choices, motivation and abilities to do this successfully. Hence, I’m compelled to put my thoughts here so I can reflect on them more tangibly.Read More »MA rumblings and reflection

2012: year of collaboration

Happy new year to everyone in our ELT community! Our community–a concept so important to me–is where I’ve been placing my focus for the last few years.  It’s not that I’ve done as much to build it up as I’d like to, but my involvement and dialogue with a broader group of educators has definitely given me a bigger sense of what power it has. But involvement isn’t enough to create positive change, you need collaboration.  2012 is the year to focus on collaboration too.Read More »2012: year of collaboration

Meeting of the minds

I love all professional development events–a junkie for it, you might call me.  I love it when teachers, instructors, educators, whatever term you are comfortable with calling us, surround each other in support and growth.  The way so many come together to share ideas in individual or groups sessions fills me with an adrenaline high for several days afterwards.  One session, however, I haven’t been fortunate enough to witness or participate in, online or otherwise, is an ultimate meeting of the minds.Read More »Meeting of the minds

Ideas for using graphic novels

I’m a nerd.  It’s true.  Always have been.  Sometimes I’ve just thrown people off with nice clothes and the occasional hippy hairstyle.  Thankfully, nerds have now taken over cool.  And thus, it should come as no surprise that one of my favourite types of media to bring into class every once in a while is graphic novels.Read More »Ideas for using graphic novels

These sentences were not fabricated for a coursebook.

Have you ever written down one of your entire conversations verbatim? Probably not.  Now, when you read the dialogues in coursebooks outloud, do you think they sound like your conversations? Also, probably not.  Something’s off.  Determining the difference can be an interesting exercise, both for students and also instructors.  Read More »These sentences were not fabricated for a coursebook.