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Giving feedback to teachers

Giving and receiving feedback is invaluable as a teacher, trainer and trainee.  As a DoS, it was one of the more awkward moments of the job, especially when it came to experienced teachers.  How do you provide constructive criticism without stomping too hardly on an established ego?  Where is the balance between helping the teacher see where their lessons could be improved and having them shut down completely to your suggestions?  It often comes down to how you deliver the feedback and how teacher evaluations are approached and perceived in your environments.

If you are a teacher trainer or a DoS evaluating your teachers’ lessons, take a look at Training ELTeachers’ post entitled “How do you approach lesson feedback?”  (We didn’t think reinventing the wheel was necessary this time!) It’s a comprehensive list of ways to give feedback, any of which may be right for you and help your teachers or trainees respond favourably.

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