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ELT bites (not how you think)

Sometimes the photocopier is blown, there’s no tech in your room and you forgot all other materials back on your desk, far far away.  A very minimalist activity that generates language and conversation would be helpful now–a nice, bite-sized glimmer of hope for prep gone awry.  These types of activities are included in the #ELTBites challenge and I wanted to contribute.  And let’s face it, how often do you get to suggest ELT bites?

The magical line of opinions

Level: adaptable

Procedure: Students stand in a horizontal line, facing you. Ask a yes/no question. If students want to answer ‘yes’, they step forward. If ‘no’, they step back.  Use the results to encourage the language you wish to introduce or practice.  Typically, depending on the question, students find seeing where their classmates have moved always a chuckle.

Low level idea: Quantifiers describing the number of students who were forward and back
Intermediate idea: Question formation with students rotating as the one who asks the initial question/asks follow-up questions
Upper idea: Agreeing and disagreeing language
EAP idea:  Persuasion gambits, convincing others to cross the line to the other side

These are just the first four types of language that sprung to my mind, being a minimalist post and all.  So,let’s play: if you think ELT bites, please step backward.

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Naomi Epstein

Great idea! One for my toolbox!

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