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No SmartBoard? Take a pic.

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How many of you have ever thought, “Hey, I love my boardwork today.  I wish I could print it off and keep it for later.”  I know I have.  One day, I was teaching a TESOL class and the students–all from Asia–whipped out their digicams and iPhones, motioned (with unintentional rudeness) for me to get out of the way and snapped a photo of my whiteboard.  For some reason, I had never considered it before, nor had I seen any of my previous students do so (though some Japanese had asked once to record the audio on their MD-players).  Even then, it seemed like a great way for students to record board notes, but I was concerned it would take away from them actually writing down what I was teaching, a valuable extra exposure to and processing of the target language.

Then it occurred to me:  I have an iPhone.  Why don’t I take photos of my boardwork myself? And so I did.  If you don’t, maybe you should.  It can come in handy the next time you teach the same lesson.  Click here or the image below to see a sample I took of mine on using colons.

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that’s actually a good idea. I’ve been doing this for quite a while now. Got the idea from my Japanese students. It really helps with board work and self-evaluation.

[…] end, that document can be saved online for student access or like many students I know, they can take a photo of the board.  Especially in the university context, students often rewrite their notes at home after studying […]

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