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2012: year of collaboration

Happy new year to everyone in our ELT community! Our community–a concept so important to me–is where I’ve been placing my focus for the last few years.  It’s not that I’ve done as much to build it up as I’d like to, but my involvement and dialogue with a broader group of educators has definitely given me a bigger sense of what power it has. But involvement isn’t enough to create positive change, you need collaboration.  2012 is the year to focus on collaboration too.

  • I’ll give my students a group project where individual strengths complement each other and critical thinking and negotiation result in accomplishment.
  • I’ll work with my direct colleagues on developing the curriculum, materials and assignments for this semester.
  • I’ll help organise TESL Toronto’s spring conference and new initiatives for the next two years.
  • I’ll spend more time interacting with my MA cohort next semester than I did this semester. Really, this is an important one. 😉
  • I’ll initiate shared blog posts again with a few PLN members who know who they are.
  • I’ll try out leading a workshop with another teacher.
  • I’ll co-coordinate the new #EAPchat.
  • I’ll codesign and launch the cJournal.
There are a lot of opportunities for collaboration everywhere. Let’s make this year one of collaboration between educators, administration and students. I challenge you to collaborate on at least one educational project this year! =)  Best of luck and let me know how it goes.


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Great new year resolutions, I might do a couple myself. Just thought about one more type of collaboration – with parents – but that may be irrelevant in your case.
Thanks for giving ideas, Tyson!

2012: year of #collaboration via @seburnt #ELT

Naomi Epstein

Good luck with those admirable plans and keep us posted!

Ideas for #collaboration | 4C in ELT #in #edchat

2012: year of collaboration


I’m particularly looking forward to #EAPChat getting off the ground. Here’s to a fruitful and collaborative 2012.


I’m a huge fan of collaboration ( as you well know )! I’m hoping to collaborate with my mellyn partner for TESL Toronto. Also hoping to create more interactive and dynamic teacher meetings and PD’s at school, so everyone is working together more closely and openly!

[…] 2012: year of collaboration – 4C in ELT […]

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