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a January of improvements [updated]

It’s almost 2011 and like almost everyone, I’m looking at ways that I can improve myself and my business in the new year.  It’s been a great initial year for Coursetree:  10 workshops led in the public and private sectors, 1 keynote address, and very important interaction with educators through Twitter and here, our TESLtree blog!  I’m 110% thankful for the opportunity Coursetree’s TESLtree blog has provided me with getting to know, support and be inspired by great teachers all over the world, enough so that this month, I included my growing online PLN (Personal Learning Network) as a menu-heading here.  Definitely an aspect of education that I’ll focus more on in 2011!

So what can I do to improve Coursetree in 2011?  Let’s start with the beginning in January.  Here are some of the plans I’m excited about and want to share with you.  Hopefully they’ll make each week a little bit eventful (they will for me, that’s for sure)!  Let’s not forget all the cross-pollination of blogging that no doubt will occur throughout January!

Update TESLtree blog menu information

  1. Coursetree info => Coursetree
  2. Our blog => TESLtree
  3. Director => moved into Coursetree
  4. @TESL2010 archived => @TESL2011
  5. Clients – updated info & visuals
  6. Downloads – categorisation
  7. Tagcloud – so ugly, needs new version!
January 1, 2011


Rearrange Coursetree website columns
People have had trouble on the website finding the workshop details after clicking on the title, so that needs to be addressed in version 2.0. The plan is to make things more left-to-right so that the main menus are on the left side of the black bar with What’s New below it.  All other column info will push over.
January 4, 2011


Update Coursetree services & pricing
Professional development took off as the services with the most interest among administrators and educators this year, so more space will be devoted to it.  However, our other two services, Observation and Mentoring will morph to hopefully generate more interest.  Oh yeah, pricing will be adapted too.
January 10, 2011


Unveil 2011 season workshops
Out with the old… doing the same workshops time and time again gets as stale as teaching the same lessons over and over.  Sure, a couple of our workshops had a great run in 2010 and will be kept on and adapted or split or rearranged to keep the interest on both attendees and my parts.  Plus, I’ll retire a few that got no hits whatsoever and reinvigorate ones I want to do more of.  There’ll be a couple new ones too!
January 17, 2011


Nope, I swore I wouldn’t clutter the world with another and I won’t. 😉  That’s not to say that signing up for the CoursetreENEWSlist is meaningless.   I believe there were three emails in 2010 to those of you signed up.  Next year, I’m hoping to do something better with the list.  Stay tuned and sign up!
January 24, 2011
Research Project
The “What’s the Word” language research project started off well in July with Part A, October with Part B and will finish off in February with Part C.  This time, we’ll be focusing on our evolving grammar usage.  Don’t worry, I’ll post something about Part C when the time comes and invite everyone to participate!  Once it’s all done, it’ll be put together as a Coursetree Report and distributed (probably to everyone on the CoursetreENEWSlist!).
January 31, 2011

So, now you know almost as much as I do about my January. See you then!

Happy New Year

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Wow – you sure have a busy January. You are such an ambitious man when it comes to your career. You have and continue to excel in your industry and I am so proud of you.

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