#eltchat’s website domain has been disabled through not fault of the great individuals who are dedicated to its upkeep. For the backstory and plan to overcome this hiccup in its life, read Marisa Constantinides’ post: #ELTchat: the loss of eltchat.com – Plan B. In short, they may be moving content to eltchat.org in future.

What’s more likely the headache in the months ahead is the gradual realisation of how many places are hyperlinked to the old domain. I myself have probably linked there once or twice on old posts and even on TESL Toronto’s site, places that probably wouldn’t occur to me to update.  So I encourage everyone reading, in addition to making that simple change of bookmarking the new eltchat.org to think about where else you may have recommended the old domain and update it.  There’s nothing more frustrating than wanting to read more and getting sent to a non-existent site.

Good luck, #eltchat.  You’ll survive and thrive as you always have.

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  1. Thanks for your repost and reminders to link back, Tyson

    We will make a last effort to the end of regaining control of eltchat.com but we have to prepared for the worst


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  7. Adam Simpson says:

    It’s a real shame and only those of us who have invested time and energy in building up a website can know how depressing this situation is.

    • Tyson Seburn says:

      Well, yes. But they had recent backups which make the loss significantly less than it could have been. It’s the setup and aesthetics that will be the biggest bitch about the transfer, really. Oh yes, and the thousands of hyperlinks from other sites that need updating. I’m sure I have one or two in my blog history to go through and find.

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