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#EAPchat starts Feb 20!

A few months ago, I proposed an #EAPchat to fill the void left by the great parent chats, like #edchat and #eltchat.  Now, it’s about to begin!

Adam Simpson, Sharon Turner (Sabanci University, Istanbul) and I (University of Toronto) have worked in EAP programs extensively and are very passionate about this field of study.  After months of speculation and hope, we are now organised and ready to talk about topics and issues important to educators and administrators in programs connected to or preparing for higher education study through the #EAPchat hashtag!

A couple steps that will make this new chat start smoothly for us and for you, if you don’t mind:

 – Like the #EAPchat Facebook page. Initially this is where we all can post EAP-related links to articles and blog posts. Our first topic poll is there too. The actual chat will also move to it in our second week as we alternate between Twitter and Facebook for the first while.

 – Vote for the topic of week 1.  Go to the Facebook page and choose a topic or suggest your own.  We’ll start with the most popular topic and save the rest for future polls.

 – Write down this important info!  First chat on Twitter:  Monday, February 20 from 1:00PM – 2:00PM Toronto/New York (your time zone?).  Permanent info can be found here.

 – Spread the word.  Take the logo.  Embed on your blog.  Play around with it. Enjoy!

Hope to see you and your big brains on Monday!  I look forward to getting to know everyone more. If you can’t make it this time around, don’t worry.  We’ll collect a summary of sorts on the Facebook page.

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11 thoughts on “#EAPchat starts Feb 20!

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  2. Naomi Epstein

    Good for you!
    Build it and they will come!

    1. seburnt

      Thanks, Naomi. Spread the word. =)

  3. Vicky Loras

    Woooohooooo!!! Excellent idea – all the best, Tyson! Unfortunately I always teach at that time : ( But I will be supporting you no matter what!

    Whoop whoop!

    1. seburnt

      Cheers, Vicky. Always happy for the support.

  4. Dan Ruelle

    Fantastic initiative! Unfortunately due to time zone differences (I’m GMT+7) it’s unlikely that I’ll be able to actively participate (unless I’m suffering from insomnia) but I’ll certainly try to participate in the follow up discussion.

  5. Melissa

    Tyson it sounds wonderful. I wish I wasn’t teaching at that time. But I hope all goes well, you know you always have mellyn’s support!

    1. seburnt

      Hi Dan & Melissa,

      Thanks for the support. =) At some future point, like with #eltchat, we may split into into two different times to accommodate time zone and schedule complications. I’ll make that well-known if and when it happens.


      1. Dan Ruelle

        Fantastic idea. Let’s see how the initial #EAPchats go and take it from there. Best of luck with the first one!

        1. seburnt

          Thanks, Dan. I’m sure it’ll start small, and we’ll adapt as needed to accommodate a larger crowd.

          One thing that will help you, perhaps, is that we will be holding the second week (27th) on Facebook, so threads will exist there on which you can always add to later.

    2. seburnt

      Wait, were you teaching today, on Family Day? … (sheepish look)

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