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Learning from others, sharing with others, collaborating with others: these are maxims we as teachers value and should value. Others are our community of language teaching professionals both locally and worldwide. One of the best ways to become involved in this community is to participate in the wealth of blogs online. There’s something for everyone’s context. Might I suggest these as a start:

Cecilia Lemos
@CeciELT, Brazil

Vicky Loras
Shelly Sanchez Terrell
Brad Patterson
 Dave Dodgson
@DaveDodgson, Turkey
 Adam Simpson
@yearinthelifeof, Turkey
Willy Cardoso
@willycard, UK
Fiona Mauchline
@fionamau, Spain
Nathan Hall
@nathanghall, Canada

 Leo Selivan
@leoselivan, Israel

Sharon Turner
@sharonzspace, Turkey

Ceri Jones
@cerirhiannon, Spain
James Taylor
@theteacherjames, Belgium

  Eduardo Santos
@eltbakery, Brazil

Phil Wade
@phil3wade, France

Scott Thornbury
@thornburyscott, Spain

 Chia Suan Chong
@chiasuan, UK

Naomi Epstein
@naomishema, Israel

Henrick Oprea
@hoprea, Brazil

Mike Harrison
@harrisonmike, UK

 Julie Moore
@lexicojules, UK

Steve Muir
@steve_muir, Spain

Alex Ding et al
@alexding, UK

Ann Loseva
@AnnLoseva, Russia

 Rachel Caley

Louise Alix Taylor
@lousiealix68, the Netherlands

Michael Griffin
@michaelegriffin, Korea


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